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Angela Bujnevicie

Personal Health & Wellness Coach

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Why wouldn’t you want to discover the life, look and feel great, and enhance your health? And why wouldn’t you want free introductory coaching and samples from an expert?  Personal health and wellness coaching with Angela offers that and so much more!

Angela Bujnevicie has been a leader in the industry for many years.   Start today and let Angela create a custom nutrition and supplement program that meets your needs and achieves your health goals!

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If you’re confused about where you should start, Angela can help.  Let her customize a program that best suits your needs!

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Beginning with a body composition assessment, Angela will help you reach your health, weight loss or recovery goals, step by step!

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Angela will be here with you, every step of the way.  She offers a supportive, community approach and continual guidance!

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About Angela

Hi!  I’m Angela.  I am a personal health and wellness coach.   My passion in life is helping others discover their best life!  

I have dedicated my time in the health and wellness field for 20 years.  My motivation comes from my own discovery of a better, healthier lifestyle.  I achieved this through simple lifestyle changes or “swaps” that were so easy, I want to share them with the world! 

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I look forward to helping you in your journey!

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